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IHF has been operating it’s Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand since 2004 and has been working in some capacity with the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand since 1984. The Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand are a marginalised stateless peoples who lack access to both proper medical care and  education. IHF Thailand is looking for charitable and motivated volunteers to join us at our Center to help us run and manage our outreach program providing a safe home for children and enabling them to access free high quality education and medical care in the city of Chiang Rai. We see our Center not just as a home for our children, but as a focal point for the community where local people and volunteers from across the world can come together and shared their knowledge to improve the lives of the children we serve, their families and the greater community. Volunteers who sign up to be a part of our Thailand project make a very real impact during their stay by participating in any or all of the following local tasks:

Spend time with the children at our lovely Center, eating together and organizing games and activities for them at the weekends;
Help out at mealtimes;
Help the children with their English studies and other homework where possible;
Experience local tourist attractions in and around Chiang Rai city and province, experience Chiang Rai’s Temple’s, Bazaars, wildlife and areas of breathtaking natural beauty, check out our Chiang Rai Tourism guide;
A chance to be immersed and learn about the communities our children are from and to stay with them to their tribal villages learning about their way of life and how these are affected by Thailand’s development;
Help IHF Thailand to fundraise both locally and internationally for the benefit of the home;
A chance to organize or help to run the centers permanent or semi-permanent community projects.

Volunteers in IHFs Thailand Program will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the culture and traditions of the Hill Tribes and will also be educated on the historical challenges the Hill Tribes have faced and see how this, along with the impact of a more globalised world, have forced these communities to change the way they live in the modern world. Volunteers are required to visit and be immersed with one of the Hill Tribe villages our Center children come from and critically assess the issues they face. Together with others from different professional, educational and cultural backgrounds, volunteers will analyze the cycles of poverty found in the Hill Tribe communities, they will gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of this poverty and be asked to develop Legacy Projects or responses to these which assist either the IHF Thailand Center, it’s programs or outreach, development and poverty relief programs in the wider region of Chaing Rai and Northern Thailand.

In addition to the education and program development activities, volunteers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Northern Thailand partaking in workshops or cultural activities such as traditional dance, dress and music, Thai cooking classes, art and history tours as well as a chance to experience the wonderful diversity of Chiang Rai’s rich culture and history.

Volunteers will live and work amongst local people, become a part of the local community. IHF has no centralised administrative offices and so relies on volunteers coming to our Centers to help manage and support our international activities. Volunteers will have the opportunity to run workshops, games and activities for the children at the Center, help them with English and computer classes whilst also sharing their own unique heritage with them. Volunteers will lend a hand helping out with repair and maintenance tasks around the Centre, ensuring that it remains a home for our family of volunteers, staff and children who live there.

This unique volunteer opportunity combines a comfortable and immerive homestay experience with the opportunity to gain valuable understanding of the issues facing some of the most marginalised tribes in the world, the possibility to work alongside local directors to provide relief and develop responses to the communities needs whilst also having a base to explore the beauty, diversity and rich culture of Chaing Rai and Northern Thailand.

On completion of their volunteer experience in Thailand, volunteers will have assisted IHF and its stakeholders but most importantly volunteers will have developed themselves and deepened their capacity for caring and supporting others not just in Thailand but across the world.


IHF is looking for volunteers who can commit to a minimum of two weeks to our Legacy Program. Volunteers interested in this program have several options:

You can volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours each day helping with any of the local tasks above. The rest of your time is free for you to explore the incredible surroundings of our Centre.
Add value to our NGO by volunteering for an additional 4 hours each day by working for one of our online teams, gaining practical experience in an NGO environment, certification on completion of your stay and a letter of recommendation upon request. This role requires volunteers agree to make additional commitments for the duration of their stay and will have less time for tourism and personal activities. It is best suited to volunteers interested in gaining practical experience working for an International NGO.
The fees associated with a volunteers stay vary depending on the number of hours they commit to IHF each day. Volunteers commiting 8 hours 6 days a week for a minimum of 4 weeks will pay $100 per week. Those committing 4 hours per day for between 2 7 4 weeks will pay $200 per week.
Do you have any special skills or training which would be useful to the Center, the community or the people we support? IHF is constantly looking for volunteers with training in medicine, engineering or construction, let our Volunteer Team know, we have adjustable rates for volunteers willing to run professional legacy projects.

Volunteers accepted to this Program must have: confidence using the English language, deep empathy for impoverished children and their communities, and a commitment to our Core Values. Previous international travel and volunteer experiences are a plus.

Program Cost

Volunteers in our Legacy Volunteer Program pay a weekly fee of $200 USD. Accommodation and meals, prepared by a local member of staff, are included in this program. All program fees go towards supporting our centers, running our programs and caring for our children. You’ll have a fabulous tourism experience whilst ensuring your money is supporting a wonderful cause you’ll get to see with your own eyes.

Not included are your travel costs to and from your chosen Center, initial visa fees, immunizations, travel insurance, and any spending money you wish to bring with you.

Note: due to the nature of our work with children, should your application be accepted we do require a criminal background check which is less than 1 year old.


In addition to making a notable difference in the lives of children, you will have plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of Thailand.

Make a difference in the lives of impoverished children
Enhance your CV with international experience
Immerse yourself in Thai culture
Explore Chiang Rai and its surrounding National Parks
Join a global network of IHF volunteers and alumni, make life-long friendships
Leave a Legacy by adding value to our Center with your knowledge, skills and expertise help us to creating something that will give access to education to a new generation of children for the next decade


IHF accepts Legacy volunteer applications on a rolling basis | Apply here

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About International Humanity Foundation

About us

The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as part of our Volunteer Work Study Program. IHF runs children’s homes in Chiang Rai Thailand, Nakuru, Kenya, as well as education centers in Bali, Medan  and Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a Volunteer, you would complete four hours of local work and depending on your choice of role four hours of international work a day alongside an international staff dedicated to global development and helping children have access to more opportunities. You will have substantial responsibilities and be a valued part of a grassroots not-for-profit NGO at the ground level.

If you would like more information on IHF and its programs please visit our website www.ihfonline.org or email our team @ volunteers@ihfonline.org for a copy of our prospectus