Teach English in 123 Kindergarten in Chengdu, China.

Job description:

Subject: English.

Teaching hours per week: Less than 40

Working days per week: 5

Students’ age: 3-6 year olds

Class size: 10-25 students per classroom

Duration of Each Class: 45-60 minutes

Contract length: One Academic Year

Start Time: ASAP

Location: Chengdu, China


Foreign Teachers Requirements:

English level: Native-level English speakers

Certificate: TEFL/ TESOL/ CELTA/ 2 years teaching experience

Degree level: Bachelor degree or above


Terms of Employment:

Salary: 12000 CNY per month

Visa reimbursement: 500 CNY per month

Holiday allowance: 3000 CNY per month

Flight allowance: 5000 CNY

Medical Insurance: Provided

Accommodation allowance: 2000 CNY per month

Food allowance: 500 CNY per month

National holidays: Enjoyed

Work Visa: Provided

For more information on this opportunity, click on the following link: https://www.pioneerbeyond.com/job/87318-kindergarten-chendu/

About Pioneer and Beyond Ltd

Pioneer and Beyond is a global recruitment company that believes futures are created by being VISIONARY, creating and developing career paths that raise potential candidates to their zenith. In the previous years, we have pioneered the idea of going to teach in China to over 60 Universities and we have made our presence known in Graduate fairs across the country. We have embraced a new generation of undergraduates that have been open to the idea of exploring a new world. Ultimately we see ourselves as positive catalyst agents who create the new stream of “globalists and socialites” that Universities are now producing and transporting them to the east to the greatest economy on the globe today -CHINA.