SAA, located in sunny San Diego, is hiring premier CFIs and CPL holders desiring to become CFIs.

Build your flight hours quickly while teaching in this prestigious training program. Spend 18 months or more living in San Diego before taking the next step in our airline partnerships, or decide to stay longer and pursue a career that may include advanced training and/or management opportunities. CFIs are primarily responsible for teaching students how to fly in a variety of settings using methods that include textbook education, simulators, and live flight training.


Duties and Job Responsibilities

Core duties and responsibilities include: (Other duties may be assigned).

·       Uses ground-school classes teach students the basics of flying an aircraft.

·       Helps students to prepare for the written test they can expect to face when applying for their pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

·       Uses simulators or dual-controlled aircraft to acquaint students with the experience of flying an aircraft.

·       Accompanies their students on live flights to complete their training.

·       Develops curricula.

·       Instructs students in a classroom setting.

·       Conducts training flights.

·       Determines student proficiency.

·       Reports on student progress and develops new teaching methods.

·       Responsible for training students in subjects such as aircraft systems, operating procedures, handling emergencies, problem analysis, aircraft navigation, radio operation, and aerodynamics.


Commercial Pilots to Flight Instructors via CFI Training Academy

Are you a CPL holder who’s ready to spend 18 months or more building you pilot career in San Diego? Enroll in the SAA CFI Academy for a conditional instructor position in the Boeing Pilot Development Program (PDP).

More than 75% of SAA CFI Academy graduates are offered career entry flight and ground instructor positions with the Boeing PDP. If you achieve performance qualifications, you may be offered an 18+ month paid career position focused on preparing you for a career as a professional pilot.

A variety of growth opportunities exist, including transferring to our airline partnerships in the U.S. or internationally, working for charter services, or becoming part of the advanced training and/or management teams. Assistant chief and program leader career opportunities available.

Women in Aviation encouraged to apply. International CPL holders eligible for F-1 visa approval encouraged to apply.

IMPORTANT: The SAA CFI Academy is a tuition-based (i.e. not free) training program designed to meet eligibility requirements for Boeing PDP instructor positions. Subsequent paid Boeing PDP instructor positions are conditional upon meeting performance and graduation criteria during the training program and are not guaranteed. The Boeing PDP is actively hiring instructors and CFI Academy graduates are fast-tracked for interviews.

About SAA International

SAA International's mission is to train pilots to the highest standards of excellence and proficiency, in preparation for a professional aviation career. Together with our partners and subsidiaries we offer a wide span of training to individuals and airlines. With high quality training and cost efficiency we have created a reputation as one of the large, professional and competent flight training providers in the aviation world.

We are one of the few flight training schools that is approved by the three largest Aviation Authorities in the world, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). We partner with a local college, San Diego Christian College, and provide flight training for their accredited 4-year aviation program. We provide airline sponsored training for the Boeing Pilot Development Program, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan, Xiamen, Spring, Tianjin and Shenzhen Airlines. The tower-controlled Gillespie Field has a very busy airspace with 250,000 movements per year which gives a great start in the aviation career.